Kalan Dhampyr

4e 21 Elf Ranger Sharpshooter Godhunter


Kalan Dhampyr
Lvl 21 Elf Ranger
Paragon: Sharpshooter
Destiny: Godhunter
Age: 35 Height: 5’7" Weight: 145lbs Size: Medium
Deity: Nusemnee (Arkay in Campaign)
Experience: 175000/210000

Strength: 12 +1
Constitution: 15 +2
Dexterity: 24 +7
Intelligence: 12 +1
Wisdom: 23 +6
Charisma: 12 +1
Armor Class: 36
Fortitude: 24
Reflex: 28
Will: 26
Hit Points: 127 (63 Bloodied)
Healing Surge: 31 hp/surge @ 8 surge/day
Initiative: +25
Speed: 9
Passive Insight: 26
Passive Perception: 33
Languages: Common, Elven, Primordial

Acrobatics: 21 (Trained)
Arcana: 11
Athletics: 10
Bluff: 11
Diplomacy: 11
Dungeoneering: 21 (Trained)
Endurance: 11
Heal: 21 (Trained)
History: 11
Insight: 16
Intimidate: 11
Nature: 18
Perception: 23 (Trained)
Religion: 11
Stealth: 21 (Trained)
Streetwise: 11
Thievery: 16

Blood Drain Dexterity
Elven Accuracy
Elven Weapon Proficiency
Fey Origin
Group Awareness
Wild Step

Archer Fighting Style
Fatedancer Feature
Hunter’s Quarry
Prime Shot
Fatedancer lvl 5
Fatedancer lvl 10
Opportunity Fire
Rapid-Fire Action
Seeking Arrow
Peerless Predator

Defensive Mobility
Vampiric Heritage
Lethal Hunter
Improved Initiative
Distant Advantage
Brutal Accuracy
Mist Form
Sly Hunter
Elusive Movement
Savage Bite
Hunter’s Advantage
Danger Sense
Called Shot
Scent of Blood

Basic Melee Standard
Basic Ranged Standard
Careful Attack Standard
Fading Strike Standard
Hunter’s Quarry Minor
Glowing Globe Minor

Hindering Shot Standard
Stab and Shoot Standard
Hammering Volley Standard
Suppressing Shots Standard
Blood Drain Standard
Elven Accuracy Free
Perfect Aim Minor
Longbow of Speed Minor

Skirmishing Stance Minor
Trick Shot Standard
Surprising Arrow Stance Minor
Escalating Barrage Standard
Mist Form Standard
Hunter’s Privledge Immediate Reaction
Healing Herbs Minor
Vengeful Oath Reaction
Hunter’s Flint
Boots of Speed Minor
Duelist’s Rapier Minor
Glowing Globe Minor

Head: Eagle Eye Goggles (Paragon)
Arms: Bracers of the Perfect Shot
Main Hand: Longbow of Speed +4
Armor: Summoned Stalkerhide Armor +5
Feet: Boots of Speed
Backpack and Person:
Bag of Holding (Person)
Endless Canteen (Person)
Restful Bedroll (Bag)
Glowing Globe (Person)
Hunter’s Flint (Bag)
Footpads (Bag)
Delver’s Kit (Bag)
Mirror (Bag)
Shovel (Bag)
Vial Bandoleer (Person)
Pixie Music Box (Bag)
Bestiary (Bag)
Filter Mask (Bag)
Desert Clothing (Bag)
Hunter’s Kit (Bag)
Camouflaged Clothing (Person)
Climber’s Kit (Bag)
Silk Rope 200ft (Bag)
Warhorse w/ Light Barding
Duelist’s Rapier +1 (Person)

Ammunition and Consumables:
Arrows x 300 (Quiver)
Dual Arrow +3 x 20 (Quiver)
Dual Arrow +2 x 20 (Quiver)
Onslaught Arrow +3 x 30 (Quiver)
Onslaught Arrow +1 x 50 (Quiver)
Signal Arrow x 20 (Quiver)
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x 5 (Bandoleer)
Woundstitch Powder x 2 (Bag)

14 Platinum (Bag)
89 Gold (Bag)

Total Weight:
46 Lbs on Person, 65 Lbs. in Bag.


Kalan Dhampyr

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